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 I'm not exactly sure how to introduce myself but I've already talked to a few of you anyway. I wasn't sure if I'd join or not because this community doesn't seem that active yet but everyone here seems so wonderful, I had to! =)
I guess this is the part where I explain about me (What joy) My name is Crystal.. my icon is a picture of me.. Kay is my nick name.. or was.. long , sorta sad story.
I'm actually engaged to the best girl ever, Angel <33
I'm a singer.. I'm supposed to be recording my CD right now but it hasnt happened yet because of different reasons but this summer it should deffinately get started. My friend Tiffany Tardif is also a singer, currently recording her second debut (the first ones mixes got stolen) her stage name is Angelle.. so if she becomes famous everyone can know that she was MY friend.. lol just kidding.
I love meeting new people.. I'm sort of really self-conscious, I'll never really think I'm good enough so I'm pre-apologizing if anyone ever compliments anything about me other than about my girlfriend and I argue it. I'm really insecure and it drags me down alot of the time, but I'm working on it and I mostly keep it to myself.. I won't waste peoples time complaining about the things I don't like.
Wow, this is a crappy introduction lol.. well I think I'm gonna post a few pictures of me and of my girlfriend Angel.. (She's completely gorgeous.)





Angel..isnt she sexy?

Me Me

Me me

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