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Army Wife, 20 year old married bisexual female. Loves hugs, cuddles, kisses, candles and roses. Kitty is shy but loves easily. Enjoys doing for others, but can be very isolated. Also in love and obsessed with Katie Holmes, Bubbles and Butterflies
Strengths: Honest, loving, Open Minded, Friendly, Funny (Husband & Friends, without them she would be nothing)
Weaknesses: Loves And Attaches Easily, Girls, Katie Holmes, Insecurities, Ice Cream, Coffee, Is Easily Walked On, Has A Hard Time Saying No To People, Cravings To Kiss A Girl, talking to much or fast
Special Skills: Writing, Typing, Loving, Giving, Understanding, Friendship, SEX *He He*, Kissing, Cuddling, Hugging
Weapons: Nuh Uh
Serenity Prayer: God Grant Me The Serenity To Except The Things I Cannot Change, The Courage To Change The Things I Can, And The Wisdom To Know The Difference

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I just joined the group...lol...I found this the easiest way to do an intro/bio, I have more pictures on my info page. I'd love to make new friends and read your journal. My journal is on friends only so let me know if you want to be added. *Waves*
Don't know what else to say. "Hi?"
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