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Hi I just joined. I am Angela, a 19 yr old college student and I'm bi. The biggest problem I have is my family. My dad is italian, and the biggest racist, sexist, bigot I have eva known. He hates anyone that isn't in his eyes "normal." And if you piss him off enough or do something he doesn't agree w/ the concequences can be bad. He had kicked my sista out of the house coz he didn't like her boyfriend, whom she actually married a few yrs after being kicked out. I can't tell him about my orientation coz he'll stop paying for my college education. My mom even said to me if I don't watch wat I say to him he'd stop paying. She doesn't know either. I come from a big family but news travels wicked fast. I have told 1 person in my family, but she is family by marriage, not blood. My sista-in-law, coz she had to fight to be accepted into da family. I hate being home coz I can't be myself. I'm on guard, I need to be careful of wat I say or do, so it doesn't sound "gay." Even though I'm bi, it wouldn't be acceptable, coz then there is the hope I will end up with a guy. I might, I might not, it depends on who I fall in love with. But I can't win coz my dad and brothers are wicked ova protected. If I where to bring a guy home, they'd give him the 3rd degree, and if I bring a girl home, it would be unacceptable. I just can't win. Just thought I'd introduce myself...
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